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Bubblebubs, one size, fitted nappies (Bamboo Delights)


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Quick overview:

Cute Tooshies Bamboo Delights


Product Description

Bamboo Delights from Bubblebubs are a one-size-fits-most fitted nappy.

Made from super soft bamboo/organic cotton blend fabric.  Bamboo Delights are manufactured with an inner and outer layer of bamboo velour (so soft!).   They have a hidden layer of bamboo fleece. The ultra absorbent snap in booster consists of a 30x30cm trifold with of 2 layers of bamboo / cotton fleece and 1 layer of bamboo velour.

As a side snapping nappy you will find almost no wing droop (great for skinny legs).   There is much less bulk at the front do to the lack of rise snaps (these nappies will automatically fold where needs).  The double row of snaps on the hips mean you can easily angle the leg and waist to suit your baby.

Bamboo Delights are picking up a loyal following of people who love the flexibility and superior absorbency of a fitted nappy. These are great boosted and teamed up with a wool cover for nights or during the summer without a cover.

Bamboo Delights are a fitted nappy and as such, every layer is absorbent.  If you are planning on putting clothes on over the top, or bub is going down for a sleep, we recommend that you use a cover so they are waterproof.


Outer – premium bamboo velour

Inner – super thirsty bamboo / cotton blend fleece


New and Improved V2 Bamboo Delights:

The new version 2 Bamboo Delights from Bubblebubs are the same gorgeous nappy you remember but now even more absorbent!  Available in Daffodil, Enchanted Forrest, Pink Flamingo, Robins Egg and Spring Moss.

Additional Information


12 Pack, 6 Pack, Daffodil, Enchanted Forrest, Natural, Pink Flamingo, Robins Egg, Spring Moss


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