Totally Bummed Cruze OSFM are a part of our Spotlight on a WAHM (work at home maker) series. These nappies will fit most babies from approximately 3.5kg to 18.5kg. These are a beautifully soft side snapping minky nappy. These nappies also feature a hidden PUL layer, so no additional cover is required.

The absorbency consists of a snap in two piece anchor that is stitched together at the top – no need to hunt down two inserts out of the washing basket when folding nappies.  The nappy itself also features some sewn in which increases the absorbency and makes the nappy a hybrid all-in-one / all-in-two.

These nappies are all beautifully made for us. Megan has duplicated a few nappies for us. If there is more than one picture shown for your nappy of choice, and you have a preference as to which one you would prefer, please feel free to reach out to see if we can ensure you get the exact placement you would like.  The attention to detail in these nappies is absolutely stunning right down to dual coloured snaps matched to the colour-way; and embroidered inserts for that final perfect touch.


The Totally Bummed Cruze OSFM nappy has an approximate weight range of 3.5 to 18.5 kg.

About the work at home maker

Megan Robb is the maker behind Totally Bummed. Based in regional Victoria, she has been making stunning works of art on nappies for many years now. All aspects of her nappies are hand cut and machine sewn. Embellishments are both hand guided and machined. All tie dyed minky nappies, have been have been hand dyed by Megan.

Megan’s passion is unique designs. She strives to deliver a product that is not only stunning in appearance, but of a very high standard. Longevity of technique and materials, along with a high level of functionality is her highest priority.

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