Bizzy Little Bean OSFM (one size fits most) nappies are an all in two (AI2) design. These nappies are a single row nappy featuring adjustable rise snaps and waist snaps.

These nappies feature a suede cloth lined 3 layer bamboo hour glass booster. The suede cloth on this booster acts as a stay dry layer for baby. The nappy also includes a bamboo snake with three layers of 400gsm bamboo. A snake insert allows you to easily customise where the bulk of the absorbency is within the nappy if required. The insert in these nappies is lay in, not snap in.

Biz is the talented maker behind Bizzy Little Bean which she started up in 2015. She works from her home in Ocean Grove, Victoria, Australia. As part of our Spotlight on a WAHM series, we were very lucky to snap up some newborn and OSFM nappies. In the OSFM we only have a handful of nappies left, all in printed PUL. We have Maxwell, which is a gorgeous sunflower print. Wild which is a wonderful leopard print. Finally we have two of the stunning Galaxy print remaining. The two Galaxy prints are ever so slightly different in print placement, so if you have a favourite, feel free to get in contact to ensure you get the exact one you want if possible. As with all the other Spotlight on a WAHM nappies we have stocked, once these are gone, they are gone for good, so get in quick!

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