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Big Softies, Flat Traditional Nappies, Cotton, 12pk white


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Quick overview:

Big Softies Traditional Terry Cotton Squares – White

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Product Description

Big Softies terry cotton, flat squares are the perfect addition to your cloth nappy stash! These traditional nappies are so versatile.  They can be used for everything from a nappy to a burp cloth and more.

At 60cm x 60cm, these traditional nappies can be folded to fit the teeniest bub.  Yet, they will still work on your toddler and beyond.   Do them up with a Snappi and pop a PUL cover over the top and you are ready to go for the day! Add some boosting and a wool cover and you have a versatile night nappy.

Add some to your supplies today and don’t look back!

Traditional Nappies and Folds:

Here at Nest we understand that sometimes choosing the right nappy can be daunting. If you are interested in using traditional nappies, but aren’t sure about the folding, let us know and we can help.



Please note – Due to the bulky nature of this product there is a limit of 2 packs per customer on online orders.


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