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Close Parent, General Booster, 3 pack


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Product Description

Need a SLIM bamboo booster to up the power of your nappies? The pop-in general boosters are perfect for the job! If you need to boost for a nap, car trip or just because your little one has fabulous wee-power, these boosters will add absorbency without the bulk. Because these boosters are so slim, they’ll fit in any cloth nappy, even pockets.

Double them in half and place at the front of the nappy for a little boy, or towards the middle for a girl. Oz Baby Trends tip: We place one on top of a triangle folded flat cloth nappy, right in the middle. Gives extra absorbency exactly where it’s needed without adding an extra layer all over.

Composition: 70% bamboo viscose, 30% cotton.

Sold in a pack of 3.


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