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Seedling Baby, Pocket Nappy, Snap Close, OSFM, 7 Pack Bundle


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Product Description

In this beautiful little bundle you will find 7 Seedling Baby pocket nappies: 1 of each of the 3 Aussie icon prints, plus 1 of each of the plain coloured nappies.

We just love the idea behind Seedling’s 7 pack:  use one nappy a day and see how quickly and easily you fall in love with cloth!

Designed specifically to help parents who want to give cloth nappies a go, there’s one for every day of the week. Caring for one cloth nappy a day is as simple as rinsing and throwing in with the rest of your washing, so starting with just one nappy a day is a fun and effective way to discover how easy it can be.

This pack is also great if you’re a full-time cloth user who just needs to up your stash with a quality, reliable, trusted brand.



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