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Seedling, Diversifold, 3 Pack



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Seedling, Diversifold, Bamboo Prefold, 3 Pack

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Product Description

Seedling Diversifolds take cloth nappying to a whole new level of simplicity and ease.

Designed to fit babies at all stages of their cloth nappying journey, simply change the fold to fit your child’s needs. They are perfect for parents who want a quicker rotation on their pocket nappies (when the shells dry quickly but the inserts take a while) or who simply want to add the ever-practical prefold to their stash.

Absorbent and sturdy, these prefolds will be a staple in your nappy stash for years to come.

Available in a pack of 3.

Size: Each prefold measures approximately 30 x 40 cm. May shrink slightly after washing.

Composition: 70% bamboo viscose, 30% cotton,,