Founded in 2014, Ankalia Textiles has quickly established itself as Australia’s leading manufacturer of Australian made baby carriers. The team works with local suppliers, artists and textile mills to craft, designer and weave premium-quality baby carriers and products to take caregivers through many seasons of babywearing and parenting. Ankalia woven wraps are Australian designed, woven and hand-finished.

What size do I need?

When selecting what size wrap to purchase it is important to consider what type of carry you would like to do, as well as what size you and your baby are. In general your base size is good for a Front Wrap Cross Carry as seen in our My Carrier page on Ankalia’s website. Please read their instructions on how to do a basic carry and safety guidelines before you start wrapping. If you are unsure on how to work out your base size, check out their All about the base journal entry.

Size 3 (3.20m) Size 4 (3.70m) Size 5 (4.20m) Size 6 (4.70m) Size 7 (5.20m) Size 8 (5.70m)

Checking your wrap, and first wash

Ankalia woven wraps are made from all natural fibres and, with few exceptions, are as easy to care for as your regular household laundry. Firstly, you must look over your woven before washing for the first time. We ask you to look for any weaving flaws that we may have missed along the way. If you are un-happy with your wrap then please contact us.

Your wrap will arrive to you in what is known as loom state.  It is very important that you wash your woven wrap before wearing it.  Just one cold wash on a medium spin, and on gentle cycle for subsequent washing. We do not recommend the use of colour catchers with any textiles. Tumble dry on low. Ironing is strongly encouraged to prevent premature wear at the rails and other highly creased areas.

It is normal for your woven wrap to shrink in the first wash. Ankalia have taken into account shrinkage when they have cut and hemmed their wraps.

Love the idea of the beautiful prints, and an Australian made baby carrier, but I don’t know if you’re ready for a woven wrap yet? No problems! We also carry the Ankalia Go buckle carriers in both standard and toddler sizes. For what its worth though, wraps are highly customisable, and well worth learning. You will be wrapping like a pro in no time!