The Baby Bare, Bare Cub cloth nappy has a waterproof PUL outer and microsuede lining. With three rows of adjustable snaps, this nappy will fit most babies from birth to toilet training.

  • Onesie
    • Baby Bare all in one style, so the nappy requires no assembly and is all one piece.
    • This nappy teams a thirsty pad of sewn in microfibre with a 3 layer bamboo ‘flap’ that folds out for easy drying.
    • Baby Bare nappies are lined with microsuede so your baby feels dry.
    • For newborns, fold the flap into the bottom to have a great fit from birth to toilet training.
    • Silky Bare All in one nappies do not have topstitched elastic on the back panel. This makes for a softer fit along the back, and makes the nappy less likely to leave marks on the skin.
    • For night time, add a bamboo trifold night booster in under the bamboo flap.

After the same gorgeous nappy but prefer a quicker drying?  Have a look at Baby Bare’s All In Two’s.