Honey Pot!  A Baby Bare nappy for even the tiniest baby!

By far, the most popular newborn nappy option is a fitted nappy with a seperate cover over the top.  The Honey Pot is just that.  Gorgeously soft and lush bamboo velour outer, teamed with super absorbent bamboo fleece.

Grab a cover to go over the top of your Honey Pots for a bomb proof solution. Generally, you only need 1 cover per 4-6 fitted nappies.

Baby Bare newborn nappies are a fitted nappy with super soft velour and bamboo fleece. They are extremely adjustable, very absorbent, and perfect for the newborn stage. Team the nappy with a cover to make it waterproof. The rise can snap down to accommodate the umbilical cord in the early days, so these are perfect from birth.

No folding or snappies required!

To adjust the sizing, simply snap straight to the row that gives the best leg fit. You can fold down the extra rise length over the top.

Nappies fit from 2-6kg depending on the baby.