Baby Bare’s new pod style wet bags come in a handy structured design, perfect for nappies, clothing, food, make up or a pair of shoes! They look fabulous packed full of the day’s nappies, wipes and clothes.

They fit up to eight one size fits most modern cloth nappies perfectly.

Measuring 28cm long, 16cm tall and 13cm wide. They have a sturdy zip across the top, and a snap handle at one end to attach to your pram or the day care bag/hook.

Available in all of Baby Bare’s custom designed prints, these pod style wet bags are the perfect baby shower gift when teamed with the rest of the Baby Bare line up.  Fill your Pod Wet Bag with a smock, mini wet bag, some nappies and a pack of wipes to make any new parents life that little easier.

Baby Bare Pods have had a revamp and all new prints now come with carry handles on top and a small zip pocket in front.  This makes them even more versatile and easy to use for every parent!


Use your Baby Bare Pod Wet Bag for

  • Packing clean nappies for day care
  • Sending sheets to day care
  • Organising suitcases when travelling
  • Storing shoes between seasons
  • Transporting your breast pump when you return to work
  • Storing cloth menstrual pads
  • Make up bag
  • Toiletries bag
  • Storing medications
  • The list is as long as your imagination!