Baby Bare, Wet Bag

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Baby Bare fabulous wet bags are two bags in one. The two bags snap together and can be used together or apart. The bag has a gorgeous printed outer and an additional PUL lining to keep everything dry (making them double lined, a unique Baby Bare feature).

They are great for cloth nappies and accessories, since their two pockets allow you to have a clean and dirty nappies separate. Alternatively, you may want one pocket for nappies and the second for your wipes, creams, and change mat.

The bag strap has snaps to allow you to hang your Baby Bare wet bag from your pram, a rail or off the change table.

The bag can be used to store changes of clothes, your baby food or anything else—wet or dry. These bags are incredibly useful and they match your baby’s nappies.

The larger bag measures 35cm × 40cm, and the smaller front bag measures 20cm × 30cm. It easily fits 8 to 10 nappies.

Baby Bare wet bags were the Runner Up for Favourite Cloth Nappy accessory in the 2016 Cloth Nappy Awards.


Things we love using our wet bags for!

Wet bags are one of the unsung heroes of the cloth nappy world.  A quietly unassuming little (or big) bag made from a water resistant fabric that holds dirty nappies.  We don’t really think too much about them.  Did you know though, wet bags have so many more uses than just dirty nappies.  We’ve put together some of our top uses for them.  Let us know in the comments what you use yours for!

  1. Nappies (of course!) – Use it for clean or dirty – just not both in the same pocket!
  2. Dirty clothes – Let’s face it, kids are messy and we generally always have a change for them.  Just pop the dirty set in a wet bag and keep everything else in the nappy bag clean.
  3. Swim gear – Simply squeeze excess moisture out of your swimmers before bundling them and your towel (if you have a bigger bag) into your wet bag and forget about wet patches on the car seat.
  4. Rubbish bag in the car – Hang the web handle off the gear stick or back of the head rest and pop all those car park tickets in there instead of on the floor.
  5. Emergency shopping bag – Ever done the quick dash to the shops and bought more than expected?  An extra wet bag in the car or nappy bag can help you carry it all!
  6. Reusable Menstrual Products – Wether its hanging next to the toilet at home or a smaller bag while out and about, keeping your reusable menstrual products safe and secure is a perfect use for your wet bags.
  7. Organising your nappy bag – Set your nappy bag up so that everything is in wet bags.  Makes it easy to find what you need and keeps everything clean is the nappy cream explodes.
  8. Toiletries – Wet bags make great toiletries bags for travel or just if you like to brush your teeth after lunch.
  9. Shoes when travelling – Keep your suitcase clean and smell free by popping your shoes in a wet bag.
  10. Breast Pump storage – Super easy to keep everything organised and together when you head back to work and are still pumping.
  11. Puzzles – Keep all your puzzles together without losing pieces when the box breaks.  If you are super lucky you may even find a print that matches your puzzle!
  12. Activity Packs for long car rides – Think colouring in, match box cars, mini games, flash cards or more!  When your little ones get a bit older, get them to pack the wet bag with their favourite things.
  13. Sick bags for car trips – While it won’t hold it for a whole car trip, wet bags are perfect for catching vomit in an emergency.  As a bonus, straight in the wash when you get home!
  14. School Library Bags – Perfect for protecting school library books.
  15. Craft storage and organisation – Think cross stitch / knitting / crotchet / scrapbooking and more.
  16. Storing a potty in the car – Need to get out of the house while toilet training?  Just pop a travel potty in a wet bag in the boot and you’ll never be caught out again!
  17. Medications – Keeping medications accessible but also secure with little ones around can be a hard gig.  Keeping them in a wet bag can reduce the chance of little fingers finding them but also make it easier for someone to grab them in an emergency.
  18. Smelly gym clothes – Throw your gym clothes in a wet bag and don’t stress about stinking out the office all day.
  19. Keep cups – Even the most spill proof keep cup sometimes has a dribble.  Make sure it’s not all through you bag.
  20. Reusable cutlery – Never be caught without a straw that doesn’t fall apart.
  21. Snacks – Seperate out your snacks for the day in a small wet bag.  The snap handle means you can secure the bag to the pram and hopefully not lose all the snacks.
  22. Parent treat bag – Sick of someone else stealing all your lollies?  Hide them in a wet bag and treat yourself whenever you want!
  23. Dirty Clothes Hamper – Just hang a large wet bag in the laundry or bath room and keep dirty clothes ready for the wash.

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