Meet Baby Beehinds all new all in two!

The Perfect Reusable Nappy For Every Age – This Nappy Is Fail Proof!

Velcro Waist makes the perfect fit every time & generous absorbency to get you through.

A New Fan Favourite

Baby Beehinds newest nappy, this style has broken all records and has become a fast favourite amongst our community.

Magicall All-In-Two: The Ultimate Easy Fix Cloth Nappy
This nappy keeps selling out in record time! Find out why customers are loving it:

Why You’ll Love It:

One-Size-Fits-Your-Bub – Yes, this nappy grows with your baby with a simple adjustment of the buttons on the front. Start on the smallest setting, and expand the rows as those delicious legs get chubbier. From 4kg-20kg these are great value for money – the nappy that keeps on giving!

Day or Night Suitable – Need a longer sleep time (don’t we all), then the added layers in this baby will see your little one sleep longer without needing to be changed as often. A great fuss-free, ultra absorbent nappy for day or nights.

Ultra Thirsty – Got a olympic wetter on your hands? You’re in safe (dry) hands with these bamboo/organic cotton layers you can fold where you need the most absorbency.

Reusable Nappy Shell – Once the snap-in insert is wet, simply remove & replace with a new insert so you can reuse the outer shell several times. Either the Mighty Booster or Bamboo Fold Up inserts fit perfectly so grab some extra inserts for quick change time.

Perfect Beginner Style – Whether you are just starting out, or need something super easy daycare/grandparents/cloth-nappy-critics can use easily then this is just the answer you have been looking for.

Baby Beehinds All In Two Product Specifications

Waist Closure: Velcro Brand Hook & Loop
Absorbency: Bamboo/Organic Cotton Fleece
Inserts: Snake style 3 layer bamboo fleece topped with microfleece + Magicalls Insert. Max 13 layers.
Outer Fabric: PUL
Inner Fabric: Suedecloth inner
Pocket: Yes
Laundry tabs: Yes
Want Extra Inserts? Mighty Booster or Bamboo Fold Up