Baby Beehinds Reusable Liners 10pk


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Makes Nappy Change Time A Breeze

These luxuriously soft, washable nappy liners make poo-time a breeze. Let the wetness through to the absorbent layers, but catch the solids for easy removal.

Adaptable Sizing

Fit all cloth nappies styles, and generous 12 x 32cm they make a great addition to change time.

Ultra Soft & Stay Dry

Buttery soft, new fleece material wicks moisture away quickly too leaving feeling dry.

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Washable Nappy Liners: Change Time Ease 

Easy Flick & Stick: Let’s be real – dealing with poos is one of the main hesitations when you start out, but these reusable nappy liners are a game changer. Once babe is on solids, you can simply flick the poo off into the loo. Add these to your washing machine, line dry and good to go!

Reuse Again & Again: A little more effort than disposable nappy liners, but these are great value for money as you can use them again and again thereby saving you money instead of buying disposable ones.  Reusable nappies can also be used inside of disposable nappies to help with solids removal prior to disposing of the nappy.  This helps keep the smell down in your bin and complies with most City Council By-Laws.

How To Use: Simply lay inside the nappy so this fabric is the closest to bub’s skin and secure the nappy. Make sure that any excess is tucked inside the nappy to avoid wicking.  At change time, grab the liner and give it a dunk and swish in the toilet.  This will remove any excess solids.  Once solids are removed, dry pail with your nappies.  Include your liners in your nappy wash routine for even less waste at the end of the week.

We recommend 20+ for full time cloth nappy use.  Most parents will have enough liners to cover all of their nappies.

Product Specifications

Absorbency: None – It’s just to catch solids or provide a silky soft stay dry layer if you are using traditional nappies.
100% Microfleece (new softer fabric)
Sizing: OSFM
Size: 32cm x 12 cm (10 per pack)


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