Experience the softness and comfort of cloth menstrual pads.  Don’t be grossed out- you will  be surprised. It’s the most natural and comfortable way to take care of your menstrual needs. Not to mention, think how many a lifetime of disposable pads will end up in landfill. Once you try these you will never go back – and the beauty is you will never run out!

All Baby Beehinds cloth menstrual pads are made with a buttery soft organic cotton velour topper. You won’t find anything softer against your skin. Baby Beehinds use only GOTS certified cotton so it really is the best of the best. The lining is a stunning royal purple colour.

The core is made using Baby Beehinds custom milled bamboo fabrics (the same as their awesome nappies!), these hidden absorbency layers hold more than you could imagine. Lights and Liners have two layers and regular and nights have three (3) layers for extra capacity on those heavy days.

The outer layer in then made from PUL with Baby Beehinds beautiful prints that you know and love.

The pads have wings with snaps to securely lock your pad in place and keep it where it belongs.

Various Sizes Available. 

Liners – Measuring 22cm long   2 layer of bamboo in the core (for use as a pantyliner or as a backup when using a tampon or menstrual cup)

Lights – Measuring 24cm long.  2 layers of bamboo in the core (for those women who need a longer liner, or for light flow days)

Regulars – Measuring 28cm long. 3 layers of bamboo in the core (for use on medium to heavy flow days)

Nights – Measuring 30cm long.  3 layers of bamboo in the core (for use on heavy flow days, at night, or even postpartum bleeding)

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