The Baby Beehinds sized wool cover is loved by parents all over the world. Made from Australian Merino wool and perfected for over 16 years. The Baby Beehinds reusable sized wool nappy cover is a serious game changer for your nappy needs.

Use with your night nappy for extra breathability and absorbency for those long stretches. Or use during the day with traditional flat nappies, pre-flats or pre-folds for a completely natural nappy solution. We won’t even tell if you use them with fitted nappies, or any other nappy type you may have in your stash.

There is magic to a wool cover. it repels moisture back into the nappy, keeping clothes and bedding dry all night long. Simply wash, lanolise and pop over your chosen nappy. Wool is a self cleaning fabric and only needs to be washed when it gets soiled by poo, or usually every few weeks when it starts to get a bit of a smell. Pure Lanolin can be hard to find in the shops sometimes, so Baby Beehinds created their own. you can grab one here to get started on the magic of wool nappy covers.

We also have a wonderful tutorial on lanolising your wool covers which can be found here.

Not sure what size you need? Please see the sizing guide below. If you still aren’t sure, or your baby is borderline between sizes? Please feel free to contact us by phone, email or in person so we can help you be sure you get exactly what you need.

Small: 3kg to 5kg

Medium: 5kg to 10kg

Large: 8kg to 15kg

Extra Large: 14kg to 20kg