The perfect unisex style from Bedhead Hats. Light on heads and in an easy-wear style, this classic bucket shape has a frayed edge for a little casualness.

An adjustable buckle pulls the back in for the perfect fit! Made from 100% eco-friendly linen which can self-cool in summer and warm in winter, the Traveller hat provides UPF50+ sun protection without overheating heads. The brims shield eyes and faces all year round, while the woven interfacing in the brim gives a soft movement to the hat rather than that rigid feel of other hats.

Fully reversible with a pattern on one side and a coordinating solid colour on the other, you get two hats for the price of one. We’ve designed our adults hats to coordinate with some of the children’s hats in the range for matching family style.

Bedhead Hats Traveller Features

  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear all year round.
  • Angled brims with frayed edges for a more modern take on a classic bucket style.
  • Rated UPF50+ Excellent Protection.
  • Fully reversible with a pattern on one side and coordinating plain colour on the other.
  • Earthy colours and patterns inspired by nature for timeless style.
  • Tested in accordance with Australia & New Zealand Standards 4399.
  • Sun-Smart recommended brim depths (see tab below for measurements).
  • Generous sizing range to suit teens and adults of all sizes.
  • Adjustable ties for the perfect fit.
  • Made from 100% eco-friendly linen which is recyclable, biodegradable and has a better-for-the-environment manufacturing process.
  • Slightly flexible and shapeable brims for a more flowy feel without the flop.
  • Wash & wear – gentle cold machine wash in a wash bag and line dry in the shade.
  • Beautiful button-up leather ‘Return to’ label for names to help hats get home safely.

Bedhead Hats Size Advice and Brim Depth

No two heads are the same, so it’s always best to measure first to get the perfect fit.

As adults we might not have to worry about our heads growing anytime soon, but how we wear our hair (and how much hair we have!) can impact on sizing. It’s always best to measure your head before choosing a style. Luckily, most of our adult styles are adjustable to enable you to get the perfect fit if your measuring is a little askew (hey, it happens!)

Step 1:  Use a fabric tape measure or ribbon and wrap around your head where a hat brim would naturally sit on you – around your hairline to the nape of the neck. If using a ribbon, pinch where the ribbons meet, remove from head and now measure against a ruler (double it if you’re still measuring the folded ribbon).

Step 2: Check your size against our size charts. For the best fit, choose a hat where your head size is bigger than the smallest of the size range. Ie, if your head measures 54cm, choose the Small which has a size range of 52-56cm. If you’re on the cusp, choose the biggest size so you can adjust.

Step 3: Take into account how much hair you have and how you wear it also. If you measure 63cm but have a huge head of beautiful curly hair that you like to wear down with a hat, you might do best to choose the 64cm-68cm – you can still pull it in, but it gives you a little more room for your hair than the 60-64cm size would.

BRIM DEPTH – ‘Traveller’ Adults Frayed Bucket Sun Hat

 Hat Size Crown
 52 – 56cm / S 16cm 6.5cm
 56 – 60cm / M 17cm 6.5cm
 60 – 64cm / L 18cm 7cm
 64 – 68cm / XL 19cm 7.3cm