Bizaar Bibs ‘n’ Bums OSFM Night Nappies are made with a luscious minky outer, hidden layer of PUL waterproof and a soft microfleece or suede cloth inner. These are a front snapping nappy with 3 rise settings.

The inserts are a snap in quad-fold, snake and mini snap booster, giving you 14-16 thirsty layers of bamboo.


Bizaar Bibs ‘n’ Bums OSFM Night Nappies fit most babies from 5kg up to 15+kg. As always, weights are approximate as every baby is different.

About the WAHM

Lisa is a mum of 9 who is always on a mission to save money. Using reusable products not only saves money, but also makes a huge positive impact on our environment. Bizaar Bibs ‘n’ Bums allows Lisa to share her beautiful reusable products with all of us.

At Bizaar Bibs ‘n’ Bums we aim to provide the highest quality handmade items. All items are lovingly sewn at home with attention to detail to ensure a happy customer
Adult supervision is highly recommended with use of our products due to some containing small parts. It is also highly recommended that baby or child does NOT sleep whilst wearing bibs.
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