Looking for  reusable cloth breastpads? Look no further than these beautifully soft bamboo velour breastpads from Bubblebubs.

Bubblebubs breastpads are made using the highest quality bamboo velour. They also feature a hidden layer of bamboo fleece and a protective layer polyurethane laminate. The polyurethane laminate (PUL) assists in ensuring that your clothes are kept dry. These breastpads will protect your clothing from the strongest of letdowns.

When wearing, the bamboo velour (super soft fabric) should be against the skin. Using them is very easy, just slip into your bra and allow it to catch any let down you have.  When you are ready to wash, just pop them into a laundry bag (so the machine doesn’t eat them) and wash with your clothes.

Each pack contains 3 pairs and comes packaged in it’s own little bag.  We recommend grabbing at least 2 packs for those early months of breast feeding. Many mothers with a strong let down will need more than this, especially in the early days of feeding. It is preferable that breastpads are changed out as soon as they become wet. Six sets is however a great place to start until you work out how much you leak when baby comes along.

Grabbing a mini wetbag to place any wet breastpads in if you have a long day out is often a great idea. Some people also like to have a clean and dirty bag. You might also want to check out the Natures Child Nipple balm for the early days. Once bub gets a bit bigger, a Nibbling teething necklace can also be great to keep them focused and on the job if you are feeding out and about with plenty of distractions!