Well, you asked for it and we delivered! For those of you who loved your Bubblebubs Bam Bams, Nest Nappies is proud to be the EXCLUSIVE supplier of B.I.G. (Bam Bam Is Grown up).

With everything you adored about your Bubblebubs Bam Bam but designed to fit from when your little one no longer fits them, B.I.G. is the perfect nappy to move onto as your little one starts to Grow Up!

This stunning, bamboo / cotton terry fitted nappies fits from approx 8kgs through until approx 18kgs.

The casing has two layers of 90% bamboo 10% cotton terry and the trifold has a further three layers of terry giving plenty of absorbency for even the biggest toddler wee!

These little wonders do up with a Snappi, giving you infinite control over size.

Your little one will be the envy of greenies everywhere! Plus you’re supporting a Brisbane work at home mum – which feels good too!

Discounts are available for bulk pack purchases. Contact us for details or check out our bulk packs.

B.I.G’s are a fitted nappy and therefore require a cover if you are wanting a truly bombproof combination.  Fitted nappies are a great day solution for superior breath-ability during the day.   They are also a popular night solution with a good cover.  This is because they allow you to maintain a snug fit with the nappy and boost as required on the outside between the nappy and the cover.


While the B.I.G’s are essentially a one size fits most nappy, we do recommend that they are a better fit from around 8kgs.  The B.I.G will last the average baby through until toilet training or approx 17kgs.