This beautiful hanging pail is made from sandwiched PUL and is therefore of the highest quality. Finished off with a loop handle to make it easy to hang on the back of a door or over any hook.

With enough room to fit around 2 days of cloth nappies it’s the perfect size to use as a nappy pail, for camping trips or as a swimming bag.

Sizing: Approx 43cm wide and 55cm high


Containing dirty cloth nappies is the reason wet bags were invented. You’re out and about and you need to put a dirty nappy somewhere, the wet bag is here for you!

Wet bags are brilliant at keeping in smell so you can deal with “everything” when you get home. They can basically be used anytime you would normally use a plastic bag. But they’re reusable and won’t end up in a landfill! And let’s not forget, much prettier than a plastic bag. At some point, you will have “enough” nappies and your children will toilet train. You can never have enough wet bags and you can never grow out of them.

What am I going to do with a Hanging Pail once I’ve finished with cloth nappies?

The size of a hanging pail means it is likely to have many uses around your house even when you cloth nappy days are behind you.

  • Dirty clothes bag when travelling. If you are away for the weekend with the family (or for the week by yourself!), the hanging pail is perfect to keep as a dirty clothes bag. Chuck it on the hotel bathroom door handle, and use it as you would a laundry hamper at home. When its time to pack up, simply zip up the bag and throw it in your luggage.
  • Toilet block bag when camping. Want to get everything you need to take up to the toilet block together, and dry once those crazy toilet block showers start spraying in all directions? Throw your change of clothes, towel, and toiletries bag in a hanging pail and off you go. If you don’t already have a pod as your toiletries bag, throw one of those in your cart too… That way the next time your shampoo explodes it won’t escape out of your toiletries bag and through all your clothes!
  • Swimming bag. Whether it’t the beach, pool or lake, toss all the towels and swimmers in a one easy grab bag to head there. When you are ready to go home, all the wet stuff can be thrown back in the bag to keep your car dry.
  • A dry bag. Although it is designed to keep water in, the hanging pail is great at keeping moisture out too. Use it to store anything that needs to stay dry.

Sti can’t see yourself using it after you are finished with cloth  in your house? The quality of these hanging pails means it will most likely still be in great shape to sell or donate.