cna best newborn nappy


Voted the best newborn cloth nappy by both customers and retailers!!

So what’s so special about Bubblebubs award-wining Bambams?  Well, we think everything of course but more specifically:-


Bambams fit every single newborn baby no matter how small or big they are.  We’ve even tested them on a 1.2kg preemie! In fact Bubblebubs offer a 100% money back guarantee to back this claim up.

Unlike most other newborn nappies they fit for far longer than just a couple of weeks.  This in itself, makes them a lot more economical.  Bambams will fit up to around 8kgs which will well and truly see you through the ‘liquid poo’ stage. The unique design allows the front of the nappy to fold over to lower the rise and as it’s kept closed with a nappy fastener so you get the perfect fit every.single.time


A fitted cloth nappy, teamed with a cover is hands down the most reliable newborn nappy system.  Offering 2 layers of protection between ‘poonami’s’ and clothing you can be guaranteed that in the unlikely event anything happens to escape the nappy it will not escape the cover.   This means you won’t have to be changing bubs clothing multiple times a day. You may find as your baby gets a little older, the Bambams still fit really well, but bub needs more absorbency, this is easily fixed with an extra booster.


Bubblebubs bambams are made from the highest quality bamboo terry they can find.  This means that they’re going to last mutliple babies. We realise that cloth nappies are a big investment and we want our products to last.


Bambams were designed by Bubblebubs in 2006.  Since they were first released onto the market many improvements have been made along the way based on customer feedback. This is the reason they perform so well, Bubblebubs listen to what their customers say and what they’d do to improve them.   They then go and do it!