If you’re looking to cloth your precious new baby with ease, full time from birth, tthe Bubblebubs Prefold pack is for you!

In this pack you will get

24 Prefolds

6 Newborn Covers

4 Snappi’s (2 packs of 2)

1 Nest Nappies Hanging Wet Bag

Bonus Candie Ai2 in the exclusive, money can’t buy, Nest Nappies Custom Print for quick changes out and about!

Pack valued at $534.50

Bubblebubs Prefold

Bubblebubs bamboo / cotton blend prefold is silky soft and a luxurious nappy choice.

These stretchy prefolds are made from their custom milled bamboo / cotton jersey fabric in a 2/4/2 configuration with 2 layers on each side panel and 4 layers through the centre panel providing up to 8 layers of absorbency.

Bubblebubs Prefold Features:

– up to 8 times more absorbent than cotton
– fasten with a Snappi or lay inside a cover
– use as extra boosting for other nappies
– use as a pocket insert or inside an all in two shell

Bubblebubs Prefold Sizing:

Small 35cm X 38cm – great for newborns through to toddlers regardless of size.

Bubblebubs Candies

Our gorgeous Bubblebubs Candies are a one sized all in two (AI2) nappy.  They are specifically designed to grow with your baby. They are made from super soft minky, laminated with PUL.  The inner layer is made from smooth, soft suedecloth, which wicks moisture away from the skin.

The snap in 2 layer trifold has a suedecloth panel in the centre, which helps keep your baby dry. There is an additional 3 layer lay in booster. The booster can be folded in half and positioned exactly where it is needed. The booster set is made from 500gsm bamboo fleece giving 9-12 layers of super thick bamboo, which is super thirsty.

The fabrics used in our nappies are custom milled to the highest standards.  This offers you quality that is second to none. The shells will fit from approx 4kgs to 15kgs, seeing most children fitting them from around birth-4wks through to toilet training. The best part about our Bubblebubs Candies is the 2 row side snap configuration. It is this configuration that allows the nappy to fit comfortably on the smallest baby right through to chunkiest of toddlers. As it is side snap wing droop is non-existent.  The 2 rows of snaps allow for a great fit around the legs and the waist, ensuring that everything is contained. It also means there are no rise snaps to adjust making it the easiest one size nappy on the market to use.

The Bubblebubs Candies Shells can be used as covers.  Try them over our Bam Bams for your newborns, over our prefolds and Bamboo Delights at any age! That’s right, our Candies Shells can be used as covers for any of our fitted nappies!

Bubblebubs Candies Features At A Glance

  • One Sized fitting from 4kgs to 15kgs
  • Side Snapping giving a great fit around legs and waist
  • Outer of super soft minky and inner of smooth suedecloth
  • Can be used with our Snap in Bamboo Booster set that gives up to 12 layers of absorbency, or as a cover over our fitted nappies.
  • If aired out between uses, the covers can be used multiple times during a day.