Have you considered reusable wipes? Most wet wipes available contain alcohol, anti-freeze and other chemical sanitisers that are not good for parents hands and certainly not your baby’s bottom. If you use reusable wipes, you choose what touches your baby’s skin. Plus they are super super soft and can be used for a multitude of things from face cloths to nappy boosters.

Save money and the environment while doing the best by your baby’s most sensitive skin!

Small size wipes are perfect for tiny newborn bottoms and are the ideal size to fit into a disposable wipes container for perfect storage when you’re out and about! 

How do I  use reusable wipes?

Reusable wipes are easy to use.  Simply pre-wet prior to heading out, use plain water while you are out or check out our Foaming Wipes Wash for no fuss nappy changes.

Bubblebubs bamboo wipes measure 20cm x 20cm and come in a pack of 5. Made from gorgeous bamboo fibre, these wipes are sustainable as well as chemical free.  Bubblebubs reusable wipes are a single layer with a soft velour on one side and grippy terry weave on the other.

We recommend 3 – 4 packs for full time use.