Bubblebubs Candies, additional insert set

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Bubblebubs Candies additional insert set


The Bubblebubs Candies insert set is made up of a trifold and booster. It’s a great option for those who want to simply switch out the absorbency and continue using the same shell. They are also a fantastic option for those who line dry. Inserts can feel like they take forever to dry,  especially in winter! As shells dry in no time, you can grab one of your additional insert sets and pop it inside a shell that has already dried.


The snap-in 2 layer trifold is made of 450gsm bamboo, so has plenty of absorbency for your little one. It also has a suede cloth panel in the centre. If the trifold is folded to face the suede cloth up, this will help keep your baby dry. Alternatively the trifold can be folded so the suede cloth isn’t against baby. This is helpful where you have a flooder. The bamboo will absorb faster without the suede cloth between the wee and the absorbency. It can also be a great option for those who are toilet training, or close to, and want their child to feel that they are wet.


The set also included bubblebubs 3 layer lay in Candie booster. The booster is best used folded in half and positioned exactly where the extra absorbency is needed. For boys this will usually be up the front of the nappy, where as for girls it will usually be mid nappy. The booster is also made from 450gsm bamboo fleece.

When using both the tri-fold and booster together, this provides 12 layers of super absorbent bamboo with the option of a stay dry layer to keep baby comfortable for longer.

The Candie insert set will fit (and snap) perfectly in your Bubblebubs soft or hard Candies and Bamboo Delights.  They are also the ideal size for use in any of your all in two shells, PUL covers and as a pocket nappy stuffer.

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