Looking for the perfect Newborn Baby Shower Gift? Are the parents to be planing on using cloth, or considering using cloth? Why not go with one of our newborn nappy gift boxes or sets? These easy to grab (and wrap) gifts feature a single newborn cloth nappy with its matching mini wetbag. A perfect little gift for the expectant parents, and soon to arrive baby.

Love the idea of this, but are looking for a more substantial gift to give? May we suggest pairing one of these boxes as something to wrap and gift with one of our gift vouchers so that the parents to be can also select exactly what they are after?

Another fabulous item to pair with this would be one of Nestie Jess’ favourite baby shower gifts – the Seedling Baby Home+Go Mats. Something Jess firmly believes every family (using cloth or not) need at least one of!

We’ve paired up a number of our favourite newborn nappies with their matching mini wetbags in these gift sets. Depending on your knowledge, you can simply pick the print that speaks most to you (or that you think the expectant parents will love). Or if you already have an idea of a brand or style of newborn nappy you would like to purchase, you can narrow down the selections this way. The gift sets available will change from time to time, but currently including some of the following newborn nappies for anyone who wants a little more detail on the brand, type or style of nappy in the set.

What brands have we included?

Bubblebubs Pebbles – these are the perfect little first weeks all in one nappy, so simple to use!

Seedling Baby Mini Fits – a super versatile pocket nappy that can also be used as a cover over almost any newborn nappy in your stash.

Designer Bums Little – an all in two nappy featuring a suede cloth topped snake insert.

Baby Bare All In One – No folding, pinning or extra steps required. Simply pop the nappy under your baby and secure the velcro. Super fast drying, trim fitting and adjustable. The perfect nappy for your newborn baby.