The Cloth Nappy Box is the last box of nappies you will ever need

Let be upfront. Changing nappies can be a crappy job. It does not matter what nappy you choose. You are going to have to clean a poo covered bum many times.

Inside The Cloth Nappy Box are all the cloth nappies you will use from newborn until your baby is toilet trained.*

You will save money, help the environment and have a soft, super-absorbent leak-free cloth nappy on your baby’s precious skin

The Cloth Nappy Box comes with all the cloth nappies you need* from birth to toilet training to get your baby through each day.

The Newborn Stage

You will change over 1000 nappies in the first three months.

Because newborn babies arrive in all different sizes, you need nappies sized for newborns.

Bambams are a fitted nappy, so you do not have to master folding them. You put them on like a disposable. They have soft elastic in the right spots to keep everything contained. They are done up with a Snappi, so no messing around with pins. Then you put a double gusseted cover on to keep everything contained.

Even if it’s coming at 90 kph. (I am guessing at the speed, but sometimes I hear a sonic boom.)
Bambams are bullet proof against leaks and so gentle on baby’s skin.

Remember, many of those changes are in the middle of the nightmare, I mean night.

Infant To Toilet Training

The Candie cloth nappy will take you to the end of your baby needing a cloth nappy.

It is a busy time for your baby. They cover a lot of milestones. The Candie goes through these stages, keeping your baby dry, happy and leak-free.

Candie’s will grow with your baby and because of its unique side snapping system, you do not have to fiddle with rise snaps. The cloth nappy comes apart for quick washing, the boosters can be dried in a dryer if needed, while the shell with dry quickly on the line.

Two rows of snaps help you get a great comfortable fit around the tummy and legs because they can be adjusted separately.

The Bubblebubs Candie cloth nappy is Australia’s most awarded cloth nappy

Your Cloth Nappy Box Includes

  • 24 Bambam Newborn Cloth Nappies
  • 6 Newborn Covers
  • Snappi to do the nappy up there is no messing with pins
  • 18 Candie Cloth Nappies
  • Change Mat when need to change a nappy away from home
  • Ultimate Wet Bag to store used nappies until you wash them
  • Pod Wet Bag to store 6 Candies when you are out of the house
  • Double Pocket Wet Bag for when you are out and about


Bonus Pebbles

For the first 100 boxes, Bubblebubs are adding 2 Pebbles Newborn Cloth Nappies. These are an all in one nappy with touch tape closures. These mimic disposable nappies in design but will only fit most babies for the first 8-10 weeks on average. Pebbles help parents during the early stages and fit the tiniest of newborns.

It is important to note that these are a small fitting nappy and we recommend that you use your Pebbles as soon as you can.

The Cloth Nappy Box is made and distributed by Bubblebubs

With over 17 years experience making the best designed and most awarded cloth nappy in Australia. Bubblebubs are the oldest cloth nappy maker in Australia.
Their products have been tried, tested and perfected to make sure our families have the most cost effective and environmentally friendly, premium product that will last for years to come.

*Some parents find that a dedicated night nappy may be needed by around 3-4months.  While a night nappy is not included in The Cloth Nappy Box, we are happy help find one that works for you and your little one.

Please be aware, this box comes prepackaged with specific, gender neutral colours and prints.