If you are looking for a reusable cloth breast pads then look no further than these beautifully soft bamboo cotton ones from Chardan Slings.

Each reusable cloth Chardan Slings breast pad is made using the highest quality bamboo cotton with a beautiful layer of woven fabric on top. These breast pads will protect your clothing from the strongest of letdowns.

When wearing, the bamboo cotton (super soft fabric) should be against the skin.  Using them is very easy, just slip into your bra and allow it to catch any let down you have.  When you are ready to wash, just pop them into a laundry bag (so the machine doesn’t eat them) and wash with your clothes.

We recommend at least 6 pairs of breast pads for full time use. Many people will need more than this, especially in the early days of feeding. It is preferable that breast pads are changed out as soon as they become wet.

We are running low on stock of the beautiful Chardan Slings breast pads. If you are after more pads than we have left, we do carry a wide range of reusable breast pads here at Nest. We would love you to check them all out, along with our Natures Child Nipple balm, and our beautiful Nibbling teething necklaces. Why not check them all out.