Designer Bums Premium Travel Wet Bags are wonderful to use when heading out.  Perfect when you need to store cloth nappies and wipes.  As a plus, they have many other uses such as toiletries, clothes, toys, swimwear and more!

These Nappy Travel Wet Bags are a rectangular cube shape and are deigned to fit six cloth nappies inside which is perfect for a trip out of the house or to send cloth nappies to day-care.

This clever multi-functional bag folds down small and the straps can be configured into one long tote handle or two loops making it ideal to hang on your pram, back of the door, in the car or anywhere while parenting on the move!

  • Designer Bums Premium Travel Wet Bags feature gorgeous, signature artist and designer prints
  • The straps are convertible and can configure between one long tote handle for carrying like a handbag or shopping bag or two loops which can act as a caddy on the pram handle bars, back of the door, bathroom in the car or anywhere.
  • Travel Wet Bags are 26L cm x 15cmH x 15cmD and fits 6 Designer Bums cloth nappies, rectangular cube shape, caddy style, long snap handles and 2 compartments including a side pocket and silver metal zip closures. Please do not overfill the bag.
  • Premium Designer Bums Wet Bag made from water resistant PUL outer (polyurethane laminate).


Use your Travel Wet Bag for

  • Packing clean nappies for day care
  • Sending sheets to day care
  • Organising suitcases when travelling
  • Storing shoes between seasons
  • Transporting your breast pump when you return to work
  • Storing cloth menstrual pads
  • Make up bag
  • Toiletries bag
  • Storing medications
  • The list is as long as your imagination!