Disana’a Raw Silk Nappy Liner is perfect for sensitive skin!

If baby’s bottom is ever sore or red, that’s when the Raw Silk Liners come in handy. Burette Silk is raw silk bast. It is a by-product of regular silk production. It comes from the mulberry silk worm cocoon that is uniquely high in natural antimicrobials. These can help to heal inflammation. Only mulberry silkworms add these antimicrobials to their silk and so it is only Burette Silk that is so effective in combatting nappy rash.

The silk can also gently cool inflammation and redness of the skin. Sometimes, in very hot weather, adding a silk liner to the nappy can have a cooling effect due to the natural fibre.

The raw silk liner is added to the nappy on top of the absorbent insert and in contact with the inflamed skin. The raw silk liner should be changed at every nappy change along with the nappy until baby’s skin is no longer red. It is important that silk liners be hand washed separately to the nappies – silk fibres (like wool) will be damaged by hot water. Read on for the care instructions.

Raw silk liner
Pack of 5


  • 24cm x 15cm

Silk Liner Care:

Hand wash in natural wool shampoo in tepid water, dry flat and slowly on a towel inside (raw silk doesn’t like hot water or sun).  Some families prefer using these in their night nappies and taking them off first thing in the morning.  This will avoid them getting soiled, and then they can work their magic overnight on your baby’s sore bottom. If soiled, wash with natural olive oil soap or gentle wool wash by hand in cold-tepid water. Because silk dyes easily, poo may stain. Stains will fade over time and is generally not an indication they are dirty if washed properly.