Disana Wool Shampoo is a gentle and mild wool detergent.  It is perfect for cleaning your woollen covers, raw silk liners and any other natural wooden items in your home.

Natural wool should be cleaned with a natural wool detergent. Due to the structure of its fiber, wool is particularly sensitive to heat, friction and sharp chemicals. Therefore, care should be taken when washing woolen items.

The Disana Wool Shampoo is particularly mild and best suited for all natural wool. Its pH is adjusted to the slight acidity of wool and thus reduces felting of the wool during washing. As a concentrate, it is particularly economical and is suitable for both hand and machine washing


~ Cocamidopropyl Betaine, panama bark extract, sodium lauroyl glutamate, citric adic, aqua

Fragrance free, skin and environmentally friendly


~ 200ml


For machine washes:

~ 15ml per wash (1/2 capful)

~ Only wash woollens in the machine on a cold wool wash (<25°C)

~ Do not spin, do not leave in the suds.

For hand washes:

~ 5ml per 4 litres of water

~ Only use lukewarm water (<25°C)

~ Do not rub or scrape at woollens, simply place in the water briefly and rinse out with lukewarm water after washing.