Made from gentle and absorbent fibres, EcoNaps reusable bamboo wipes are an eco-friendly alternative to disposable wipes. Keep some at your change station, in the kitchen, beside the bathtub, or in your nappy bag. These eco-friendly wipes are kinder on the planet and gentle on bubs’ sensitive skin.  If you are planning on using wipes on your bub’s bottom, you could save over 11, 000 wipes and up to over $800 while your little on is in nappies!

Bamboo wipes features:

  • Each pack includes 5x wipes.
  • Each wipe measures 20cm x 20cm.
  • Made from bamboo velour.
  • Soft and gentle on sensitive skin.
  • Machine washable, simply pop in the wash as needed.

To Use:

Simply wet your wipes with plain water or a wipes solution, clean your mess, wash and repeat!