Say hello to Ecoposh OBV! Our beloved Ecoposh fitted cloth nappies, which are famous for their work-horse absorbency and ultimate over night protection, have been REFRESHED! The new, refreshed Ecoposh OBV is the same One Size Fitted Pocket Cloth Nappy except now the interior has been made using organic bamboo velour (OBV) which creates a plush feel for your little ones bum and is the ultimate luxury against their skin. Ecoposh OBV is available in 5 brand new Earth-inspired saturations: Boysenberry, Saffron, Atlantis, Caribbean and Glacier!

Ecoposh OBV is a One Size Pocket Fitted cloth nappy:

  • One Size:
    • Grows with your child from birth to potty training through adjustable snap settings.
    • Adjusts to 4 different sizes to accommodate little ones from 3-15kgs.
  • Pocket:
    • Each Ecoposh OBV comes with a 6r Soaker set made out of organic cotton and rayon from bamboo
    • Fitted nappy + 6r Soaker set = 10 thirsty layers!
  • Fitted:
    • The most absorbent type of cloth diaper! GREAT for over nights!
    • Was created side-by-side to work beautifully with the Ecoposh Wool Cloth Nappy Cover
    • Create fun and funky color combinations with our gorgeous selection of covers.

Kanga Care brand cloth nappies are the original cloth nappies uniquely designed with the patented leak protection technology of double inner gussets. US Pat. 8,425,483 has been issued exclusively to Kanga Care LLC.

The Ultimate Night Time Nappying Solution!

The premium blend of fibers along with the Kanga Care bamboo 6r Soaker helps provide the perfect amount of absorbency for heavy wetters and nighttime solutions. The Ecoposh OBV One Size Fitted Pocket Cloth Nappy is a premium solution for parents looking for organic materials in a cloth nappy. The outter layer, which gives the Ecoposh OBV the various colors, is a cotton/polyester blend that is made from recycled water bottles.

What is a “fitted” nappy?

A Fitted cloth nappy is shaped like a nappy and has some form of snaps or velcro to fasten the nappy onto the baby. Fitted nappies are not waterproof and will require some type of diaper cover to keep the wetness contained. The Fitted nappy category lives in the space between Prefolds (flat, square, cotton/bamboo nappy that require folding and pining to fasten onto baby and need a cover to be waterproof) and the more modern Pocket Nappy or All In One (waterproof, has either snaps or hook/loop features so that it can fasten onto baby.)


  • Newborn setting starts at 3kg
  • Small setting starts at 4.5kg
  • Medium setting starts at 7kg
  • Large setting (fully un-snapped) starts around 9kg and will fit up to 15-18kgs.
  • Patented Double Inner Gussets!