Gro Via, BioSoakers Pads pk50


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Gro Via, Bio Soaker Pads pk50

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Gro Via BioSoakers are a disposable absorbent insert that can be teamed with the popular Gro Via nappy shells or any other hybrid nappy system where the absorbency can be removed from the waterproof shell of your nappy.

Team the convenience of disposables with the ecological benefits of cloth by reusing the most energy intensive parts of the nappy, the fastenings and elastic components over and over, after you’ve disposed of the absorbent part.

These soakers can also be adhered to cotton underwear to help with those little accidents during toilet training.

Gro Via BioSoakers are fragrance & dye free and contain no plastic or chlorine. The absorbency is sustainable harvested wood pulp and a small amount of SAP gel. BioSoakers can be composted or disposed of in standard household rubbish.

Each pad is shaped like the absorbent portion of a disposable nappy with elastic bindings around the leg to ensure a lovely tight, leak proof fit. As they are one size they can be fitted into any size cover and are perfect for newborns through to toddlerhood (no more using up ’emergency’ disposables just because they don’t fit any more).

Great for holidays, wet weather, the ‘runs’ or just when you want a break from your cloth nappies!

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