Kozy Kuddlz OSFM are a part of our Spotlight on a WAHM (work at home maker) series. The OSFM nappies are made using the Lolly Bottoms OSFM pattern. These nappies will fit most babies from approximately 4to 18kg. These are a beautifully soft side snapping minky nappy. Lined with white microfleece (a beautiful stay dry layer for baby). A hidden PUL layer, so no additional cover is required.

The absorbency consists of a snap in microfleece topped trifold, plus a super heavyweight mini booster for 8 thirsty layers. The snap configuration in the trifold also allows for it to be folded either horizontally or vertically. This allows you to get the best positioning and fit for your baby.

These nappies are all beautifully made for us. As such there is only one of each print available. The picture of the nappy as shown on the website is the exact nappy you will get. The attention to detail in these nappies is absolutely stunning with dual coloured snaps matched to the colouring of the nappy for that final perfect touch.


The Kozy Kuddlz OSFM nappy has an approximate weight range of 4 to 18kg. It has a rise measurement of 43cm* and a waist measurement of 24cm to 54cm*.

If your baby is a little more petite, you might want to check out our range of the Petite OSFM. These have an approximate weight range of 3.5 to 15kg. It has a rise measurement of 41cm* and a waist measurement of 23cm to 47cm*.

*all measurement are taken with the elastics unstretched.

About the work at home maker

Kylie is the wonderful maker behind Kozy Kuddlz. She is a Mum to six beautiful children (3 grown under her heart, and 3 within in). When she started Kozy Kuddlz, it was never going to be about nappies. Somewhere along the way, her focus shifted and she discovered she could do something she truly loved. As a licensed Lolly Bottoms nappy maker, she creates primarily from their sized and OSFM patterns. Kylie is a contributing member of The Handcrafted Nappy Connection.

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