When you are a parent, hanging out washing is sometimes the last thing you want to do.  Forget about standing in the sun or racing to beat the rain – Loomey makes laundry easy!

Loomey was designed specifically for one purpose – so you spend less time at the washing line and more time with the ones you love!  It’s simple to use, saves space on the line and you could save money on your energy bill by switching from the tumble dryer!

How to Use Your Loomey Cloth Nappy Dryer

Simply slide your cloth nappy shells, inserts, boosters and cloth wipes into the grips and hang the whole thing on the line.  You can fill your Loomey while it is attached to the line or fill it while sitting in your lounge room and clip it on the line later.  When everything is dry, just pull it off!

Loomey isn’t just great for cloth nappies though.  Try using your Loomy for socks, masks, underwear and so much more!  You can even use two Loomey’s to spread bigger items like towels or your own clothes giving more space on smaller clothes lines.

When drying thicker fabrics (like some cloth nappy inserts) use every second grip.  This allows more airflow around your washing meaning that it should dry quicker.  Thinner fabrics (like nappy shells or underwear) will dry fine using every grip.

The Details

One box contains either two (2) or four (4) Loomey Cloth Nappy Dryers.

Each Loomey has seventeen (17) grips.  This means you can dry seven to eight inserts at once!

Made from UV Resistant plastic.  Holds up even under Australia’s fierce summer sun.

Designed to fit over most standard clothes lines.

Loomey was designed right here in Brisbane by a cloth nappy mum.  So you know it’s going to do what it was designed for!