MiYim Baby Animal Stick Rattle is a knitted baby rattle with a plush toy head. It’s made from organic cotton with recycled polyester filling and coloured with natural dyes so it’s safe for your baby. The soft rattling sound and cute faces will keep your baby engaged and entertained.

This soft toy is cuddly and perfectly sized to fit your baby’s small hands. Baby rattle toys help baby to develop motor skills and spatial awareness when  grabbing and shaking.

Why we love MiYim Baby Stick Rattle:

  • organic cotton
  • perfectly sized for small hands
  • soft rattling sound
  • certified recycled polyester stuffing
  • natural eco friendly dyes
  • free of pesticides and chemicals
  • safe for your baby

MiYim Stick Rattle Size: 18 x 7 x 7 cms

MiYim Age Recommendations: from newborn

Washing instructions: Hand wash with organic soap if possible or machine wash in cold water with mild soap. Air dry flat. After drying brush cotton gently to restore appearance of plush

Meet the MiYim Stick Rattle Characters

Victoria the Bunny

Victoria the Bunny is a bashful girl with a big imagination. Making new friends makes her nervous, but she’s fearless when it comes to dreaming up make-believe adventures. Her play time is never boring as she travels to space on rockets, dives to the depths of the sea, and soars through the clouds fighting mighty battles on behalf of her friends.

Victoria loves her Grandma, who lives far away in England. Talking with Grandma is Victoria’s favorite way to spend a Saturday morning, especially if she’s snuggled deep under her blankets.

As part of your family, Victoria will bring a love for cuddling under the covers and a brilliant imagination

Leo the Lion

Fun-loving Leo the Lion is always on the go. He is brave, smart, and impulsive. When the sun comes up Leo confidently takes on the day. He enjoys being outside in the sunshine, playing sports, and helping his friends.

The best part of Leo’s day is the dance party he has with his parents each night. He loves listening to upbeat music and making up new dance moves. Leo is a very picky eater but because his favorite color is orange he always eats his carrots!

As part of your family, Leo will love to bring fun and dance into your home.

Eugene the Bear

Eugene the (organic cotton baby toy) Bear, loves to eat. When his mom says “It’s dinnertime”, Eugene is always the first to the table. He loves a colorful plate and eats his food without complaints.

Among his friends, Eugene is known as a foodie. Sometimes the other kids don’t even know what he is eating. Whether it’s broccoli soup, eggs benedict, or carrot sticks, Eugene is a happy bear.

As a part of your family, Eugene will bring the love of food to your dinner table.

Annabelle the Lamb

Annabelle the Lamb has never met a stranger. She loves playing with all her friends. Annabelle always remembers people’s names and something special about them. When she passes by grandmothers on the street she always says “hi” to them.

Her friends feel special when around her because she truly cares for each one of them. At night during bedtime prayers, Annabelle prays for all the friends she saw that day from the ice cream man to the kid in her class who wasn’t feeling well.

As part of your family, Annabelle will bring the joy of friendship to your home.

Eddie the Elephant

If there is anyone who loves to go outside and get dirty, it’s Eddie the Elephant. He plays so hard during the day that at night he falls fast asleep. Eddie likes to swim, climb trees, throw balls, race against friends, and loves to play in the mud after a rainstorm. Getting to play rough in the dirt is his favorite.

All the kids know that Eddie has an abundance of energy and doesn’t mind the mud. Eddie’s parents call him into bathtime each night and Eddie’s bathwater shows how much dirt he played in that day.

As part of your family, Eddie will bring a passion for play.

Molly the Giraffe

Molly the (organic cotton baby toy) Giraffe’s favorite game is “I spy”. She is always on the lookout for new discoveries, trinkets to take for “show and tell” at school and gifts to give her parents. She has an eye for detail and loves spotting things that others don’t see.

On the playground she is always looking at the ground, in the trees, or under the playground set looking for something new. Her friends know if something is lost then Molly is the best one to find it.

As part of your family, Molly will add awe and wonder for new discoveries.

Abigail the Hipp0

Pretty and pink, Abigail the (organic cotton baby toy)Hippo loves frills and loves a party. For fun Abigail plays in her mom’s jewelry while wearing her pink tutu. Keeping clean and her clothes pristine is very important to Abigail.

One of her favorite activities is to have a tea party with her friends. Her mom is sweet to set it up and host the tea party. Abigail, though dainty is not very graceful. Sometimes she spills her tea but she is quick to clean up her mess.

As part of your family, Abigail would love to bring frills and fancy tea parties to your living room.

Fred the Monke

More astute than his peers, Fred the (organic cotton baby toy) Monkey loves learning and reading. If he isn’t in a book then he is asking his dad questions about his work as an engineer. Fred plans to become a professor and wear a bow tie to class everyday.

Fred’s love for learning comes from his grandfather. Fred sits and listens to his grandfather talk about new scientific discoveries. All Fred’s friends know that he likes to use big words that they don’t understand.

As a part of your family, Fred will bring a love for learning and curiosity about the world to your home.