Seedling Baby cloth wipes come in a six pack. Each pack includes two of each of the three gorgeous colours their wipes come in. These wipes have been designed with function in mind. They will become a staple in your house through the nappy years, and well beyond.

Did you know?

  • Choosing reusable cloth wipes instead of disposable, can save you well over $500 during your child’s time in nappies.
  • Opting for reusable cloth wipes can prevent over 10,000 single-use wipes heading to landfill.
  • A soft cloth, dampened with clean, fresh water is best for baby’s skin.

Over the years of cloth nappying 6 babes, Seedling Baby’s creator found that face washers didn’t make the best wipes. They are just too thick and bulky to be used as bottom wipes. Ideally, they wanted something that was thinner to get into all the little crevices that need cleaning at nappy change time. That’s why they created their reusable cloth wipes.

Super-sized, yet not-too-thick, made from two layers of bamboo viscose/polyester and a gorgeously large 25 x 25 cm. A wipe that covers your entire hand? Yes, please!

Reusable cloth wipes don’t take any extra water or detergent to care for. If you’re already using cloth nappies, they can be thrown in with your nappy load. If you aren’t using cloth nappies, they can be combined in the load with your other washing.

How many cloth wipes will I need?

This will depend on your child, the rough number of nappy changes you usually do per day. How often you have to deal with poonami situations etc. As a rough guide we would usually recommend having at least 10 wipes per day. Multiply this by how often you wash your nappies and wipes plus at least a few extras for time when life just gets the better of you. The generous size of these wipes makes it easy to fold the wipe and use multiple times per nappy change for the average size poo, without having to worry about getting any on your hands.

The other great thing about Reusable cloth wipes is that there is endless uses for them even when you and your family are past the nappy stage. Reusable cloth wipes make perfect little cleaning cloths, reusable wipes for hands and faces when out and about, face or body washers, reusable toilet paper, make up removing wipes, the list is endless.

Once they’ve been loved beyond usefulness, they can be thrown in the compost to continue to break down.


Reusable cloth wipes couldn’t be easier to use:

They are best used damp, however this can be achieved in many different ways to suit your own family and lifestyle:

  • Wet under the tap as needed for changes at home;
  • Wet a days worth of wipes and pop in a container on your change table for changes at home:
  • Wet a days worth of wipes and pop in a mini wetbag to use whenever or wherever you need them; or
  • Fill a spray bottle / sauce bottle / water bottle with water (over heavily diluted natural baby soap solution) and pop in the nappy bag to wet wipes as needed whenever or wherever you need them.


Composition: 75% bamboo viscose, 25% polyester

Each wipe measures approximately 25 x 25 cm.

Available in a pack of 6 (2 x cream, 2 x mint, 2 x lilac)