The Comodo Wrap Mini is one of our very favourite newborn nappy covers here at Nest Nappies.  It is comfortable, easy and convenient cover to use while still leaving enough room for boosting where required, and also letting you get a good leg seal on those tiny little chicken legs.

The Seedling Baby Comodo Wrap Mini is the perfect fit over a Diversifold Mini or a Bam Bam due to the double leg gusset.  This allows extra room, all while still providing a great seal to make sure you contain everything your little one can throw at you.

Comodo Wrap Mini will fit most babies between 2kg and 6 kg*.  It is a perfect miniature version of Seedling Baby’s regular Cómodo Wrap which has already proved itself to be a favourite of parents throughout Australia and the world.

These nappy covers have a number of great features including:

  • A dip at the front allowing for newborn cord care;
  • Three (3) rise settings to give you adjustable sizing;
  • Close fitting leg gussets so as to prevent leaks;
  • Elasticised at the waist and back which gives a more comfortable fit;
  • Snap closure for firm support; and
  • Soft, breathable, flexible and water resistant.

*PLEASE NOTE: Sizing is a guide only. If you are unsure, please visit us at Nest so we can help you choose the perfect size.  If you aren’t close by, give us a call or send us an email.

Want to learn more about different Nappy Covers?  Have a look at this video where Vashti chats all about them.


Seedling Baby know you don’t have time to be thinking too hard about nappies. What you want is to change and go, knowing that the nappy you’ve chosen will do it’s job.

For the past 16 years Seedling Baby have been making beautiful cloth nappy products that do what they’re supposed to.

Gentle on baby, the planet and the back pocket giving you peace of mind you are doing what’s best for your little one, the environment and your budget.

Simplicity for your parenting journey leaving you with more time to focus on what is important to you.

Designed in Australia and used on 5 of their own babies meaning they know first-hand that they’ve hit a winner. A nappy that will contain everything it’s supposed to which means that you don’t have to worry. A nappy that is easy to use and care for due to it’s simplicity. Plus, it looks positively delightful… what more could you want?