Enjoy easy and comfortable nappy changes with the Seedling Baby soft and waterproof mat.

Generously sized for use by newborns and toddlers alike, Seedling Baby Home+Go Mat comes with a custom-made bag, designed for simple car storage or grab and go functionality.

Made with a layer of polyurethane laminated polyester in Seedling Baby’s signature prints, wadding fill for extra softness and a layer of 100% bamboo viscose, these mats are a little bit of luxury.

Perfect for at home or on the go.

Measurements: approximately 70 cm x 100 cm.

Measurements when stored in the bag: 33 x 20 x 6 cm


Here at Nest, we love the Seedling Baby Home + Go Mat for lots of reasons!  Some of our favourite are

Nappy free time – the absorbency in these is great for soaking up little piddles in those early months and theres lots of room even for boys who like to pretend to be water fountains!

Breastfeeding – The Home + Go Mat is perfect for laying on the bed when breastfeeding and catching those little dribbles that always happen.

Park play – through your mat in the back of the car or bottom of the pram and use it as a picnic rug.  The PUL side is perfect to stop any dampness from the grass seeping through.  It also makes a great tablecloth to throw over picnic tables at snack time for toddlers.

Toilet training – Starting toilet training and want to try doing that day sleep without a nappy?  Pop your Home + Go Mat absorbent side up on the bed and it will soak up any accidents that do happen.

Sports – when the Home + Go Mat is folded in its carry bag, it makes the perfect cushion to0 sit on when attending kids sports.  Then, throw it on the back seat so that dirty clothes don’t mess up the upholstery.

Out and about – when the weather gets a little cold, pop the mat over your little ones legs in the pram.  It adds a little warmth and also protects from light rain.