Why use Seedling Baby Luxury Liners?

Popping a reusable liner inside your nappy has a number of benefits.  Here’s just a few.  Let us know if you think of any more!

They keep your baby’s bottom dry.  Reusable liners can help draw the moisture away and let it soak into the absorbency underneath.  They are a great addition to traditional nappies (like flats, prefolds and fitteds) where there is normally no stay dry layer.

When using bottom creams, they help stop any transfer of the cream onto the nappies.  While most of the time, a good wash routine will get rid of any transfer of cream, some zinc based creams can embed themselves into the fibres of your nappies.  This can reduce the absorbency of your nappies and may cause staining.

They help make cleaning up those poonami’s a breeze!  Simply grab your liner out of the nappy, give it a dunk and swish in the toilet and then throw it in the wash to save another nappy!

Seedling Baby Luxury Liners just make sense!

If there’s one accessory that simplifies cloth nappies, it’s liners. And when you want a liner that can be reused hundreds of times, yet retain it’s luxurious softness, you can’t go past these by Seedling Baby.

Designed to fit comfortable inside most nappies, simply lay one inside any nappy to create a soft moisture barrier and help prevent staining.

Soft and hardy, these liners will be a staple in your nappy stash for years to come.

Available in a pack of 10.
Each liner measure approximately 30 x 12 cm.