Fallen in love with cloth? Or need a hand to make it happen? Set yourself up with our special Valentine’s bundle that gives you 4 of Seedling Baby’s award-winning Multi-fit pocket nappies for just $99.

This pack is for you if you haven’t tried our nappies yet and want to invest in a quality, reliable, trusted brand or perhaps just need a few extra in your stash.

With a whopping $44.80 in savings, it’s just the motivation you need to break free of the nappy aisle at the supermarket and jump headlong into the journey towards a more self-sufficient parenthood.

Available in 2 pack options, as pictured:

Beehive Black, Beehive Yellow, Black and Yellow

Beehive Black, Beehive Yellow, Black and Purple

Available 1-14 February 2022 or while stocks last.

For more information about Seedling Baby’s incredible Multi-fit pocket nappy, click here