The Strucket

“For anyone, with anything to soak”

Just like a normal bucket (but better), the Strucket makes soaking simple and clean. Never fear putting your hand into the residual dirty, unhygienic, toxic mess that can be left in the bucket again. With the Strucket you will never leave your items soaking for endless days again, because the Strucket makes soaking simple and stress-free! Pop your items in to soak and when you return simply pull up the strainer, separate the items from the water and then drain using the outer plug without ever touching the water or the toxic mess in it!

Soaking in the Strucket

Soaking is a subjective matter. Depending on the item and the objective how you soak will change. Soaking to remove stains often involves longer time periods and a relative agent to help break down the grime. Some people do it for 2 hours; others soak soiled laundry items for 24 -48 hours.

Kitchen soaking (good-bye pesticides) will often take less time and need a completely different approach, and then you have all the other “miscellaneous” items like toys, sporting goods & camping gear.

The Strucket is just like a regular bucket during the soaking phase. Simply fill with water and the best agent for your outcome and then let it marinate!


Once your items have soaked sufficiently, is when the Strucket can strut its stuff! When you return to your bucket simply pull the strainer from the bucket, click into place, separating the soaked items and leaving the dirty water behind!


Best of all, when the whole job is done all you need to do is release the plug that is built into the base of the Strucket and watch your dirty water drain away… without your hands ever needing to touch it!

How to use the Strucket

  1. Ensure that the strainer is sitting flat in the bottom of the bucket
  2. Place your items to soak inside the strucket
  3. Fill with water and soaking solution of your choice
  4. Leave to soak
  5. Return when soaking is finished and life the strainer from the water
  6. Pull up the handles of the strainer, pulling the strainer up and over the side of the bucket and set down connecting it to the internal shelving connection points and anchoring the outer lip.
  7. Walk away while the contents strains
  8. Remove items from the strainer
  9. Release water with the outside plug, smile and walk away – your hands never had to touch the water or the toxic mess at the bottom of the bucket ūüôā

strucket dimensions


Need to soak something a little smaller?  Check out the Strucket Mini!

Strucket lids are now available!