Now you can rack up even more savings by taking your cloth nappies on the go! We’re thrilled to introduce Thirsties new Wet Bag, a fashionable, yet practical solution for storing your soiled nappies. Go ahead, tuck this handy tote into your pocket or nappy bag and you’ll find it’s not just a perfect spot for your nappies, but also swimwear, towels, or anything that gets wet while you’re on the go.

Thirsties Wet Bag is suitable storage for a full day away from home.  It can hold up to eight cloth nappies and accessories. Waterproof TPU laminate and fully-taped waterproof seams prevent leaking and wicking keeping everything else in your bag dry. The cute, color-coordinated snap handle may be used to hang from a doorknob or to wrap the wet bag for easy storage in a nappy bag or pram handle.

Caring for your Thirsties wet bag

To clean your wet bag, simply wash with your soiled nappies. We recommend purchasing at least two bags to keep in rotation.

Thirsties wet bags are made from TPU, and, while they are fairly easy care, they do not like constant exposure to high heats.  As such, we recommend air drying out of direct sunlight.

Things we love using our wet bags for

  1. Nappies (of course!) – Use it for clean or dirty – just not both in the same bag!
  2. Dirty clothes – Let’s face it, kids are messy and we generally always have a change for them.  Just pop the dirty set in a wet bag and keep everything else in the nappy bag clean.
  3. Swim gear – Simply squeeze excess moisture out of your swimmers before bundling them and your towel (if you have a bigger bag) into your wet bag and forget about wet patches on the car seat.
  4. Rubbish bag in the car – Hang the web handle off the gear stick or back of the head rest and pop all those car park tickets in there instead of on the floor.
  5. Emergency shopping bag – Ever done the quick dash to the shops and bought more than expected?  An extra wet bag in the car or nappy bag can help you carry it all!
  6. Reusable Menstrual Products – Wether its hanging next to the toilet at home or a smaller bag while out and about, keeping your reusable menstrual products safe and secure is a perfect use for your wet bags.
  7. Organising your nappy bag – Set your nappy bag up so that everything is in wet bags.  Makes it easy to find what you need and keeps everything clean is the nappy cream explodes.
  8. Toiletries – Wet bags make great toiletries bags for travel or just if you like to brush your teeth after lunch.
  9. Shoes when travelling – Keep your suitcase clean and smell free by popping your shoes in a wet bag.
  10. Breast Pump storage – Super easy to keep everything organised and together when you head back to work and are still pumping.

The list is really endless!  If you use a bag for it, why not try a wet bag for it?