When your child outgrows their one-size-fits-most cloth nappy styles, this is the next step with plenty of room for growth. Suitable from 18kg+ this nappy comes with a stitched in microfibre core as well as Baby Beehinds custom milled, bamboo / cotton booster.  Should you feel your little one needs more absorbency, simply use inserts from your one size fits most cloth nappy stash.

Features include: 
– Waterproof PUL outer layer in our traditional sandwich PUL fabric.
– Inner stay dry layer of our buttery soft micro fleece.  This keeps your child feeling dry for longer.
– Baby Beehinds much loved thick back waist elastics.  These help to keep everything contained give your child wide coverage around the bottom
– Easy to get on, and off, velcro waist closure means you can get the perfect fit at all stages of growth.


Nappy Measurements
Rise (front waist to back elastics) – 52cm
Waist – Max 65cm


Please note, we recommend that the absorbency that comes with this nappy is only suitable for small accidents.  Should you need extra absorbency to contain full wee’s, and not already have inserts from previous cloth nappy use, have a look at our Flats and Prefolds page.  Seedling Baby Diversifolds or Petite Crown Cotton Prefolds work beautifully in the pocket of these nappies.